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Hot Tropics, 17389 Hesperian Boulevard, San Lorenzo, California 94580

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Hours Of Operation  SUNDAY - WEDNESDAY    11:00am - 1:00am  THURSDAY - SATURDAY     11:00am - 2:00am “If you are looking for a first-class Private Room Hot Tub & Sauna Service, you have come to the right place!  We aim to be friendly and approachable.” Hayward, CA   |  Call Us Today   (510) 278-8827 PRIVATE SUITES Hot Tropics Richmond CA

 We invite the Hayward, CA area to Discover our very Enticing Sanctuary of

  Relaxation at Hot Tropics located in the Heart of San Lorenzo, California.

 Come Day or Night and Enjoy the Most Relaxing, Enjoyable and Pleasant
  Hour You Can Experience.

 Hot Tropics is a Popular and Classy Hot Tub and Sauna Facility with

 Fifteen Private Themed Suites.

 Each Private Room Includes Hot Tub and either a Sauna or Skylight
  along with Beautiful and Unique Art Deco Walls.

 Recently Renovated with Acrylic Hot Tubs, Trex-Decks and Tile Floors.

 We are OPEN ALL YEAR LONG 365 days a Year.

 Visit the Official Hot Tropics Website for More Information:  CLICK HERE!



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